2023 MACRAO Nominations Are Now Open!

Get involved!

Enhance your leadership skills and share your expertise by getting involved on the MACRAO Board of Directors and on the Nominations Committee! We are looking for professionals working in admissions, enrollment services, registration, records, transfer, and other student service areas; coming from 2-year, 4-year, public and private, to join the MACRAO board and the Nominations Committee.

How do MACRAO nominations work?

MACRAO Board of Directors positions have voting privileges that must be confirmed through a vote by the membership.  Individuals may nominate themselves or nominate others whom they believe could provide leadership for MACRAO. Please complete the 2023 MACRAO Nomination Form by Friday, May 27, 2022. This is a unique opportunity for MACRAO members to become more involved in the MACRAO organization and build on their leadership skills.

For questions concerning the positions, please contact Colleen Kibin, MACRAO Past President and Nominations Committee Chair at 734-487-6577 or [email protected] . For more information on MACRAO Board of Directors Responsibilities, visit the MACRAO website.  If you have any issues logging into the MACRAO website, please contact Colleen Kibin.

What positions are open in 2023?

The MACRAO Nomination Committee is now soliciting nominations for the following open positions in 2023.

President-Elect (2023), President (2024), Past President; 3-Year Term, Voting Member on the Board of Directors

The president-elect acts as the chief assistant to the president; is the liaison officer between the conference committee chair and the MACRAO Board of Directors; serves as the liaison to MACRAO committees; facilitates leadership development for committees, including oversight of the Conference Chair and Conference Committee. The President-Elect will go on to serve as President in 2023, and Past President in 2024, also voting positions in the organization. 

Treasurer-Elect (2023), Treasurer (2024), Treasurer (2025); 1-Year Term; Voting Member on the Board of Directors

The treasurer-elect shall assist the treasurer as directed. The treasurer-elect shall be elected at the start of the third year of the incumbent Treasurer’s term, serve for one year, and shall then succeed to the position of treasurer for two years. The office of treasurer-elect shall not entitle its holder to membership or a vote on the board of directors.

MACRAO Nominations Committee Members

Individuals are needed to work as a future nomination committee charged with bringing forward a slate of nominees for the 2023 Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee are in need of three members to assist the BOD past presidents with the future nomination and election process. One person from each of the following categories is needed:

  • 4-Year Public University (2023; 1-Year Term)
  • 4-Year Private College/University (2023; 1-Year Term)
  • 2-Year College (2023; 1-Year Term)


Thank you on behalf of the 2022 Nominations Committee!

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